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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

nearly there...just a few headaches...

It's late. I've been working on the project and I'm at the point that we're getting close to start up...however, and theres always a however, a few minor questions are in the notebook..
Once again since it was stolen recovered I'm still finding parts that need replaced..pure pain in the ass...amazing what one spill can do to a mint at the moment I'm sourcing a new pipe for the water hose extension that runs left stage , which was crushed when she went down the road..then theres the engine drive nut that needs replaced after I had to wreck it to get it off...then theres the chain that will need to be split , re-run and then have another split link put in..always a pure pain in the ass imo..
...then we have the fact that the battery...which was apparently renewed when i purchased the bike..wasn't...
so, despite buying a trickle charger, it spat the dummy and flashed a green light which, according to its mini manual, meant that the battery was in such a bad way it was beyond help from this new , superb, charger..bollox!
but last..but not least...(cue drum role..)"the pink wire".
Thats right.A pink wire with a block connector fitting that is black taped to another wire which, like the program "lost", shouldn't exist. The cable its taped to is a thick red/white cable which has an eyelet fitment to the positive side of the battery..this is not to be found anywhere on the factory wiring harness..I mean, come on, a live positive wire being fed into a block connector into the CDI ??? and, taped to this..a pink wire which has a factory attachment connector that was meant to be in a block connector..but isn't anywhere on the J/K factory wiring diagram..I have read something about a pink wire in the M series CDI..see below

After many hours of WWW investigation, this was found.It's a K CDI Ignitor with an M wiring harness???
So, the question is this.When I picked up the bike from the gutter, it was on.The lights were on and it had been working. So, unless somebody has deliberatly been mucking about with the bike in storage..the set up with the pink wire and the live wire apparently it to live or a neagative?

new battery will be sourced and hopefully we'll have "houston, we have started started countdown for take-off"...


"Gonzo" said...

victory! thanks to the internet!
and by all accounts somebody has decided to live wire the CDI...

"Gonzo" said...

On Japanese home market Kawasakis the pink wire runs from the speedo down to the CDI unit. t is this wire that transmits the signal for the speed restriction which cuts in on all Japanese domestic market vehicles at 112mph or whatever it is in kilometres per hour 180kph I think. On most Kawasakis there is a hall effect signal generator built in to the speedo, when the needle reaches the speed limit a vane on the bottom of the spindle blocks the hall effect light source and the signal to the CDI is interupted, this in turn kills the feed for one coil and the bike is then limited to 112mph. The wiring looms will often be made to equip more than one market, and as the Japanese domestic market bikes are very similar in electrics spec to UK bikes, the loom is probably the same but without the pink wire being connected to anything.
If you have a Japanese domestic market Kawasaki which has the restriction, there are a couple of ways to overcome it, some can be fitted with a kilometre converter on the speedo cable which makes the speedo read in mph so that the needle does not ever reach the point at which the restricter cuts in, otherwise an Mmax, or Over racing off limiter box needs to be fitted which modifies the signal to the CDI. Or in some cases a UK spec ignition module can be fitted.