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Friday, May 20, 2011


Now the tyre was changed to a new dunlop 208RR and the screen had arrived from germany, I filled up the tank with 5 litres and crossed the fingers...battery ran for a second and then the solenoid starting much for the "new battery thats ready to use from the box"....
Slapped a charger on her and waited...used the time to tighten, re-tighten, check and double check...
After 2 hours I tried again...nothing.dead. I thought the CDI was cooked...worst case scenario...
then I thought I'd re-attach the red/white wire from the battery direct to the CDI.
I started checking all the connectors around the fuel pump, checked the fuel pump relay..just had the feeling that there was no fuel getting through..and It was too early to take the tank off and start checking for spark.. more time, as it always is..pull in the clutch,and hit the starter button...and she started!!!

rough as to begin with, but the last time she ran, she was thrown down the road , mind..
so, she was misfiring, the carbs were all out , the rev counter was soaring left right and centre..
Then she cut out.Dead. I tried, the solenoid clicked...the fuel was set to off...bollox...

waited a while and then, on reserve, hit the starter and off again..once again she started misfiring, but I adjusted the tickover and let her run hot.After around 5 minutes and she sounded like she always had..not smooth....but smooth with an edge..

The OEM silencer is currently on the bike as I'll have to sort out the paperwork and legalities.hence sewing machine immitations..

It's awesome when they start. I drove her up the road to garage 2.

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