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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Project ZXR moving forwards...

Now that the bikes been moved into a clubhouse the strip-down started.
It was quite sad to see just how much had been scratched and destroyed and that basically has to be replaced.
The list has been made and just about everything should now be on it's way.
And then...I read somewhere that it is possible to fit an Aprilia RSV Mille swing-arm to the zxr..these sa's look really cool so maybe I'll replace mine with one.It's a fairly simple job.

As usual things are getting pear shaped in this project. The fact that the beautiful original bike was trashed with an almost out of reach price tag to replace everything new, now gives me the opportunity to build something a wee bit more special from the remains. A quick sketch, depending on auction fluctuations, could see a zxr chassis running an Aprilia swing-arm as follows;

that, together with the zxrr front end and 6 pots..the question is if a more solid set of triple trees should be sourced to top off the front end..
Then, we still have the ram air solution that could be a viable option despite the amount of hard worked grafting it onto the frame.
The engine is gonna remain as is, except possibly some single racekit valve springs as I believe the inners have snapped. The Muzzy full race exhaust should help, as well as the 4 degrees advancer will increase hp and the Air tech Ram Air will probably give another 7-10% on full throttles.

Things are gonna get pretty cool once the parts arrive!

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