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Monday, November 22, 2010

Murphys law..

The plan this weekend was to start the serious rebuild of the K.
A took the swinging arm over to a mates and had it tig welded. As the rip was underneath the arm I was more concerned about strength than looks and I told him so. Just make sure it works out strong!
It was good to finally have a swing , back in one piece and a k frame.
Next was to unpack the P rocker and L dog arms and fit them up to the frame. Before this the idea was to get the forks off to make the switch..then came Murphys law. The right clip-on screw was stripped, thats the screw/bolt that goes into the top of the triple tree. Took a while , but once again the old chisel/hammer special tool had it off and in the bucket.
Next job is to remove the ruined ignition switch, which once again is a pain in the ass job, having to remove the shear bolts fitted for security by the factory and replacing them with allen bolts.
Top gear made in Germany.As you'd expect of course.

The P rocker and L arms (18,5cm eye to eye bolt holes are the same length as race-kit). The ride height and the pre-load numbers will be dialed in and copied from somebody who has been using the same.
meanwhile, back at the ranch though, and the work continues with the Aprilia swing conversion , using the now disgarded frame as a dummy.
It's feeling good to have a replacement K frame for the bike which was of course a mint example. The plan is to have everything together by next weekend. We shall's always a case of Murphys Law if you start planning the end results..

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