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Monday, November 8, 2010

all tricked out...

Been looking around for clip-ons .
So far we're looking at a very tricked out Bike X as well as a fairly standardised K series Bike.
or not...
I look at the R / K series as having some adequate front and rear suspension units. Sure an Öhlins would be nice, but the cost is prohibitive. I have borrowed some ideas from others who found that using a later rocker linkage and race-kit length linkages , really sorted out the initial issues faced with the early models. Those parts are already sourced and ready to drop in.
Now, with the Aprilia swing on the way, my first thoughts are to look at retaining the zxr swing pivot and look at changing the innards of the Aprilia to 25mm , from 20 mm. This may or not be possible, until I have the parts I can't tell. If that is the case , I then have the option of either using a bush from a zx12/zx9 to widen the Aprilia bush to Kwacker size, Or look at cutting back the kwacker rocker to the same width as the Aprilia. Updates will follow.

I'm currently in the worst part of the project, which is the waiting time as everything goes through local post offices.
But the scribble pad is out and by all accounts the idea is as follows:

91/92 frame running 2008 aprilia banana swing , running aprilia brembo rear brake set up on kawasaki stock rear wheel with a kawasaki rear 230mm disc taken down to 220mm.Aprilia chain adjusters and bolt used.
Rairotec rear-sets
Gsxr1000 front 6 pots (gold)
Carbon fibre black front mudguard
Carbon fibre black rear hugger guard on aprilia swing
Std alloy zxrr tank
Full muzzy race exhaust
Adjustable billet triple-trees

Fairings and seat , well, still uncertain.

Engine is going to remain standard except for APE single race valve springs as I believe the current inner springs are broken.
The idea of having a ram air system using the airtech setup is on my mind, but as it is, the full power jap engine runs well as it is with the stock airbox, so I'll leave it as it is for the moment.But, you never know, the idea of running a ram system is appealing despite the fact that she'll be a pig with knickers in normal traffic, but to be honest, if that was an issue I'd buy a standard bike and be happy with that.

Oh, where did we start, the clip-ons! carbon fibre....

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