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Monday, November 15, 2010

bit a carbon....

Decided not to go with the carbon clip-ons, but when this came up I went for it.
Unfortunatly the original on the ZXR is what better than a replacement in carbon fibre which isn't just for a racer but for a road bike (difference is in the fittings and thickness).
Postman delivered the Muzzy Race headers today as well as the Aprilia 2008 swinging arm.
I have to say the headers are classic race headers, beautifully hand crafted in stainless with class welds and of course the usual springs and seperate headers coming out of the cylinder head. Akropovic are of course the modern wonder pipe, but at a price well over 1000€ I'd rather take an original Muzzy race header as he was the guru, following on kawasaki tuning traditions from Moriwaki.
The ad said the pipes apparently came of Scott Russells Supersport Championship bike. Looking at them it wouldn't surprise me at all.

So, after that box was looked into, I opened up the candy box with the Aprilia swinger. Bloody hell...quality part! I was fortunate enough to get everything included , which saves me a lot of money and time.
But, I'm still thinking of how to look at fitting this arm so the suspension works as it should. The original Aprilia linkage is completely different and the question is how the reworked set up used by others on this arm will effect the handling. No point in having something that looks good if the handling isn't good.
The best way around this is to take the smashed frame and use it to set up the Aprilia arm in the best possible way. Meanwhile I can use the stock parts I have including the up to date rocker and L dog bones.
Basically, I have pretty much everything to rebuild the stock K except perhaps for the plastics and cosmetics.

Looking at another website of  guy who has fitted the same arm, I noticed he has cut back the linkage holes to fit and used a setup I'm dubious about.

Has to be said its a work of art and if possible I will try and fit it as soon as possible!

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