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Sunday, November 7, 2010 was a question of "if"...

Right, everything is pretty much on it's way for the rebuild as well as people contacted to look at the scratches on the fiberglass parts that can be fixed.
I picked up a 91 J frame as I've already written..and then of course, a few weeks after the J frame the following came up on ebay Germany. I had to ask myself the question, if it was worth investing in a genuine K frame. Well, I believe so.I could be wrong of course, but it was almost worth the gamble and as the bike was a K, I wanted it to remain a K and not a J with a K engine.

Obvioulsy I asked for the Vin number to ensure it was a K frame.
I have, I confess, started the usual Project race bike by buying in several items that I didn't really need but just had to have due to the fact that I really like having top equipment and I'm almost allergic to standard bikes.
So when these popped up I looked at the website from the company who make them and was surprised to see a price tag of 450€ , and that was reduced from 525€! They look amazing and imo if your building a bike that was made for one rider, the rear sets are a major part of the finish. There are more basic units at around 100 quid, but these look amazing.

And last but not least, I found a guy on ebay who was knocking out the special tool I require to drop the engine for a tenner each on ebay. Ok, the postage was the same as the bloody thing, but I will be using it more than once and its always good to have.

So, it's been an expensive day but on the otherhand , it hasn't if you look at the costs that are there if your buying new.
So, once the frame arrives, we have the following rolling chassis:

Frame with Aprilia swingarm
6 pots up front
aprilia brembo at the rear (matching gold which helps)
std K wheels
Muzzy full race exhaust
Rairotec rearsets

Should look the biscuits when its rolling!

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