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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Truss Rod Adjustment opens up a new world!

Those familiar with the "la Carbonita" project will have followed its way from the start. However, having looked and played her the other day, I couldn't believe the string height and also the fact I'd never really finished her with regards Truss rod adjustment.
So, loosened off the strings, removed the 4 neck plate screws and popped her outta body...just.
Then adjusted the Truss rod and slapped her back together , pretty much guessing she be right once I put the neck back on.
What an amazing difference! The string height is now basically at the point where you breath and it plays itself! Without actually fret buzzing on the low E! Feels like a totally new beast transformed , with the TVjones Bridge "extra" which is meant to have come from Gibbons himself..or something..
regardless, brilliant sound!

Ok, I'll admit watching ZZtop the other night had me looking at "just got paid" and trying out my dunlop glass slide..when I bought it I wanted a large size, but now felt it was time to get a smaller one for my pinky. Off to the music shop today and bumped into my mate Silver who recommended this;

Ok, so I went ahead and trusted him that these are the dogs bollox and once I got home and started playing on the LaC with E tuning (EBEG#BE) I was so very much impressed that I picked up the phone and praised his opinion and thanked him for pointing me towards this porcelain slide..Brilliant!
At the same time I told Silver to try out the tuning to which he did so and was last heard opening a beer and sliding away on E tuning! Brilliant, and classic swamp sounds!

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