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Friday, November 5, 2010

A tough nut to crack!

My God, 2 days of sweat bllod and tears to remove the bleedin' Engine drive sprocket nut! Things got worrying once I started looking around the web to see if there was any easy way out and all I found was nightmare tales of cheatin' bars, impact drivers, blow torches and standing the bike against a wall with the front and rear brakes on...
last nights session had me using a blow torch and an impact driver and at the end of the session, once the tears had subsided, the age old chisel and hammer came out with gusto and suddenly...a crack and gave..and it was off! Thank fekk for that!

So now she's ready to have her engine dropped and of course, I need a special tool to remove the engine holder washers(?)..kawasaki tool 57001-1347 wrench...price is $47 plus postage and I'll make my own variant using a 24mm socket and an angle grinder!

So, currently a frame is in the post...and..I went the whole way and decided I was gonna modernise the ZXR by using an Aprilia swinging arm which I won yesterday, along with a rear brake set up, for an okay price imo.
As I've mentioned before, always do your research. I discovered that 2004/2005 swingarms were recalled to the factory, so I went with this 2008 version which includes all the necessary extras required. As it's a later version it's also lighter. I reckon this will really look good.
To keep things easy I also purchased the rear brake arm and pot, which at 17 euro seemed a very good price!

Apparently, if you wanna use the zxr disc you have to cut it down by 10mm. I'm hoping to find a smaller and lighter disc that will do the job, and even look at ISR making me one as they used to sponsor me back in the day. The gold of the rear brembo will compliment the gold of the 6 pots that are going on up front.

Budget wise and things are on track. There are a few items which are "must have" but most of the parts that were scraped and cracked have been purchased.
Here are the parts that have been sourced to replace the bent gear..

So it's just a case of waiting for the posty to drop these parts thru the door.
At the same time and previously written, a Muzzy Full-Race exhaust on the way with 6 pots from the USA.
To assist the fitment of these the conversion bushings were also sourced so they're a drop in.

Fitment of the Swinging arm should be a fairly simple operation as others have done it using different ways.
I think I may look at replacing the ebarings in the swingarm and reatining the ZXR 25mm spindle. But we shall see.Updates to follow;

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