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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today the cheapo version of kawasakis' special tool arrived, so off I went to the bike to see if it would work.
To be fair, it's not too bad an attempt, but imo it could be better.I feel it could be milled deeper..
Anyway, as everybody knows, it's never that easy on your own and even with the special wrench , at the end of the day I fetched a crow bar and applied some pressure on the left hand spacer above the engine which had her dropping down on the kindle wood box I had underneath, which, as it should, collapsed slightly under the strain but still kept the engine off the concrete!

It was a relief to finally have an almost skeleton bike , with only the front end to remove and swing-arm.
Obviously now come the serious questions as to which direction I go when all the parts arrive.
The zxr swinging-arm will have to be looked at anyway as one of the paddock bobbins has bent off. This of course gives me the perfect excuse to fit the Aprilia sa.
I've been slightly bugged about another setup I've read with regards the Aprilia/kwacker mix, and I think the answer I'll be happy with will be to add some outriggers on the Aprilia swinger OR make some special dog bones for the linkage.
One thing I really don't want to do is have something unfinished and lying around, so I have to decide soon and start looking at the swingarm pivot mods that have to be done to get a 20mm into a 25mm.
Except for some fiberglass work,the shopping list is pretty well done and dusted.

Now it's down to postman pat to stop feeding his cat and get on with the deliveries.
IF, the Aprilia arm goes on, its a case of also getting the rear disc taken down to 220mm to fit the brembo rear which is from the Aprilia Mille. Apparently things line up well once it's all bolted together. However, I'm not sure just how much effort has been put into the suspension setup and variables.The Aprilia has a very different setup in the rocker linkage. I'm thinking of taking the safe option and buying a spare swinging arm pivot so I can still put the zxr back on.

Here's the reason all this started;

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