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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The last pieces of the jigsaw puzzle...

Strange how things work out.Went to the Post office today to ask about a rather strange reminder that I got only to be told that they couldn't find the package that I received a reminder about but that I had another package that was so large it had been left in a different area..could only be one thing, and right enough it was the K frame arrived from Germany.

Wasn't the easiest to carry up to the bus and home...but worth it.
Under the frame was a box which of course had the Rairotec rear sets. Incredible quality and understandable that the retain cost new is 4 times more than I paid.

So, now everything is almost in place except a ripped original swinger and an Aprilia that requires some engineering to fit. Gotta make some decisions , but what I feel will be the decider will be the fact that to get the bike a swedish number plate due to the German frame,I'll have to rebuild the bike to stock and go through the paperwork. I can still use the rear-sets,  carbon fibre mudguard, 6 pots and muzzy headers.
Hopefully this weekend the rebuild can begin in earnest.

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