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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fuel Pump Update

So, as you have read previously, I stripped the pump ...well, it actually melted down itself...and I had to source parts from elsewhere. I found one from an fzr600r on the bay and today switched over the parts.
Bolted it up, wired it up...turned the key...and...nothing...
removed from the tank again and ran the wiring across the battery. The pump motor worked which was a positive. The negative of course being the simple question as to why the pump isn't working when it's plugged into the matrix. Basically its three wires, green, blue and black. The main two of interest are the blue and black wires. The green wire is from the sender.
Now then...the bad that it's primarily the ECU that works the all else fails...I need to replace the ECU...
Now, I'm not going down that pathway yet...there may be another simple explanation...another circuit that I haven't looped..I'm hoping so...

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