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Monday, July 8, 2013

the road bike..

So, now that the ZXR has disappeared, and now that I have started buying up parts to build another one..I failed to read the small print in the insurance papers which states that they only pay out to a person who I buy a Swedish registered bike from.

I worked out the numbers and realised that I wouldn't have the ZXR project up and running asap and if I wanted to enjoy the rather short summer I'd have to get something turn key for the road.

As usual, I decided to go for a bike that would be slightly challenging...a 2001 Ducati 748 s .
Currently getting pushed through a workshop and MOT the pickup is in a few weeks as the belts are to be changed and all the rest...
..obviously the bike has no service history...well obviously...I'm buying it...To date I've never owned a buy that had a stamped service history, so nothing new there...

A few things's a beautiful bike. It's the same colour as my racing's a twin..
so back to that then :)

Can't wait

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