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Saturday, August 3, 2013

748 Chip

Last week the full exhaust system went on. This week it was the turn of the 965014AAA chip which is apparently the chip used for this exhaust system.
It's a fairly easy operation. Few tips though:Don't try and do the job without removing the ecu from the bike which is basically removing 4 M6's , sliding it from under the frame rail, then removing the harness by unscrewing the small phillips and then removing the block connector which has a snap tag on one end and pulls up and out from it's ECU connectors.
Thens its simply remove the round plug and carefully remove the source chip, using electrical eprom removal tweezers or similar, and then replacing with the upgrade, also ensuring you take your time and don't rush, otherwise you may damage the pins.
Then it's simply to put in the block connector, refit the ecu and press start.
Immediately the idle speed went from around 1000 to around 1800 rpm. Prior to bringing this back down to 1100 rpm, I had a run and you could instantly tell that the bike was running slightly richer than before and seemed to have a better curve compared to the standard eprom with the open pipes.
This could all be a figment of my imagination of course, but the difference is on the overrun which doesn't produce the same amount of bangs due to the leanness of the fuel curve.
Next out of the bag will be the DB killers for the 50mm TM's.
I whipped off the right facing and using an 8mm spanner, brought down the idle speed on the master idle screw. I haven't touched the idle mixture screw which resides in the ECU as I don't think I need to and without an exhaust gas analyzer I'll not really know.
She idles at 1100 and pulls strongly through the box.

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