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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Start Up

As you've read, the OW01 is pretty much ready for start up.
Just have to do some final checks, cleaning , replace some old hose and then go for it.
The pump is in the race tank and I'll have to make sure that's wired up correctly into the now standard wiring loom.
This Ow01 full-race engine hasn't actually been run in one state for many years, probably around 15-20 years. The specs are high , YEC kitted, Pete Beale head and crank and of course the FCR's and YEC race exhaust.. should be interesting..the previous owner said he had never heard a louder race bike in the paddock and that was with the YZF engine he had fitted with a stock crank and pistons and no head job...

So...moving from 2 to 4 wheels..

How about this as a gem project? Porsche 917K , bought from a museum in Europe (no mention of which one or cost..) and first start up after at least 30 years...awesome! what an amazing car! flat 12..

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