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Monday, July 1, 2013

Sleipner still alive...

So there I was looking around the net having watched some BOTT racing from Japan from '96 and I came across two pictures of my old racing bike.
I sold the frame to the USA and the XR Sputhe to Germany. I don't regret this even though it was a large part of my life in the design and getting it built by Spondon Engineering in England.

This frame was the first ever built for the racing engine. It was XR style specific, so fitting an EVO engine isn't the way to go. We had frame kits for EVO engines made as well as the Sputhe XR was a rare beast.

Funny when you see your old road racer on the other side of the planet..

Wheels have been painted gold and for some reason the 320 ISR discs have been replaced by wave efforts. The 6 pot ISR's are still fitted as we were sponsored by ISR so got them made custom for us, the front wheel is a marvic made for an RC30, the white power forks are the same and most amusing is the oil catch can, which we made from an alloy spun water holder bottle.

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