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Thursday, July 4, 2013

One of the hard parts to source...

Right then, there were a few parts that would make the Kawasaki an R (K) version and anyone whose owned one of these magnificent bikes will know that the forks on the K, in 91 and 92, had 41mm stanchions (later to be the same as the L) but also compression and rebound settings.

Looking around the web and looking at the prices involved, I wasn't too keen on finding a set..but I did. I really wanted to stick with the ideology that the project would be based around an original r/k and not a modified J.

So here is the latest edition for the bike, a period and correct set of  R/K forks with yokes and of course, the correct compression/rebound mods on board.

I've still got a set of oil seals I bought for the BTA bike, so good to get them changed if required.
Getting a set of yokes is also a positive and one less headache.

To date, almost everything that's been sourced is for a K.

A swinging arm and set of wheels and the rolling chassis with frame and seat unit are complete.

Engine is going to be collected in August after the Industry holidays.

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