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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

fluctuating prices and the luck of the draw...

As you know, ZXRR was stolen back in 2010 after a month of use and then crashed/smashed a few months later by some little fucker with little regard or respect for such a beast...

I had to change so many things off the original bike and it was the little parts that I had to look for months at a time and as I've written previously, a lot of the parts I did eventually find and buy, were not in good condition, sometime bent and then "fixed"...

The prices also differ dramatically from month to month.

So, when these came up , the memories flooded back at how much of a pain it was not only to find them, but the cost and variation in condition. At 12 quid the set, I was delighted as these are one of those parts that are a pain to find in decent nick and all at once:

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