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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More parcels than Santas Grotto!

The "must have" RR forks arrived today.
Only set I've seen on the bay for ages. Probably because the seller limited his sales to Germany only.
Quite an okay deal considering the rarity of finding a set off a bike and including bearings and yokes.
Obviously I could have save quite a bit and simply bought a set of L forks which are basically the same, except they don't have the compression function.
Nope, for me it was key to try and get the parts that made the K/RR the difference between a J/L and a K/M. The rear shock is on the way from a K which was more expensive than a stock J or L unit but once again essential in keeping with the build AND a lot cheaper than the aftermarket race shocks which start at around 550 quid!
Everything will need a clean, but that's all in the fun of building them up :)

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