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Monday, January 9, 2012

testing a few of the pedals with the Washburn Bantam

So now the hand is currently wrapped up, the guitar play will have to be on minimum.
But I thought I'd get some of the pedals out and dust them down.
Old school pedals with early 80's Ibanez analog or Boss. Also have a couple of 79 Elektro Harmonix.
Fun to muck around , although I'm wondering if some of them are needing a service..

I also dusted down the Washburn Bantam.A guitar from the 80s with a then price tag of 1000 dollars..if you find one, buy it! They are incredible headless guitars!


Peter Hajdin said...

Hi there! I am just about to buy one of these Washburn headless Bantam guitars that I have recently discovered. Since I am a huge headless-fan, there is no doubt I will get it. However, I never had an opportunity to actually play this guitar. How is it in your opinion? How is th ebuild quality? The hardware? How is the sound?

"Gonzo" said...

It's a really high quality build on these bantams. Back in the day when they were made they retailed at over 1000 dollars and you can tell. Body and neck are fantastic and the rosewood neck is top class.
Also like the way you do not need special strings to use on the setup.
The only negative, if there was one, is the bridge that would be improved if it had a cover, as you tend you get caught up in the cut strings in the string holders when playing..(sometimes..)
Pickups are surprisingly versatile (passive).

I use this as my travel guitar (came with original softcase) and its a keeper.
If you can get one, buy it.I don't think you'll be disappointed and you don't see them very often!