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Friday, January 13, 2012

No Right hand but time on my hands...

So in the corner of the room lies an SRV signature neck with tuners just waiting for a body..
Times are always a wee bit tougher now in the dark months and I hadn't really been planning on building another project..
..however...on the bay the other day I noticed a rather interesting body that was down at 3 pounds 14 ounces with a gloss sunburst..Made in USA and swamp Ash the price with shipping was under 195 bucks.. What had me mostly interested in the body was that it was routed HSH...and I have a couple of humbuckers in the bag at the moment..2 Burstbuckers ( #2 and a #3) and of course the Duncan Antiquity that came out of the 56 les paul junior...
Now one of my favorite builds was the white single humbucker special I put together with the Gibson Dirty Fingers humbucker which had the warmoth pro neck with birdseye maple and brazilian fretboard which I added a brass nut to.

So I thought I'd make this next build a single humbucker special with a pearloid single H pickguard on a high gloss and low weight 3 tone tobacco burst body..Gold fittings and Pearloid with a charvel brass knob for the single volume pot as I'll run the humbucker straight out without a tone pot..

What will be interesting is the fact that the Duncan A 59 will be more vintage and weaker than the DF which should give some great results when driven through the marshall...
Another point of interest will be the fact that the 12" radius neck and size of the SRV signature neck should be interesting when strapped onto such a light weight body..

I'll post pics when she starts coming together..

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