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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

lurking Fuzz...and some BassBalls...

This LittleBigMuff PY has been packed away for a while so I thought I'd dust it off and start trying to see what I could get out of the 79 original Electro Harmonix Fuzz pedal..
Before this happened however, to my surprise something was picking up what sounded like "russian radio" through the Marshall...odd indeed..
So, back to the pedal..picked up the 61 melody maker (gemini scatter-wound mini-humbuckers) and fiddled..has to be said, the Electro Harmonix pedals have a reputation for the right reasons and this littleBigMuff PY tin box can sound gritty if you get the right volumes sorted..
There are two settings for the tone. One I call Buzz saw as its max treble buzz saw fuzz which can also be used well..the bass setting can be really deep and imo requires all volumes opened wide open to get a really great sound...unfortunately it was getting late so I couldn't really push it..but it was sounding good.

And talking of EH pedals, here is another interesting pedal that can be used for bass or get some seriously wild sounds out of this...big fan of funk here..

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