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Monday, January 16, 2012

Project #3T

Despite having parts lying around, once again I'm having to go out on the web and find some quality parts for the latest project that has a "january" budget.
I wasn't actually intending on even starting a project but when the swamp ash 3 tone sunburst body came up with a light weight of 3,14 it was a "must have"..
I was intending on taking parts off the mint green/white single humbucker project...but to be honest it's such a great sounding guitar, despite the fact that I changed the squire JV 3 bolt to a 4 bolt, its one great sounding it stays complete..

So, there are some good deals out there.
Currently on the way are 2 pickguards..both pearloid..

but one is a single humbucker style like Minty white and the other is a single humbucker bridge and single coil in the neck..the reasoning was simple..I have a vintage Dimarzio SDS-1 just waiting to be put somewhere...To keep the balance with an SDS-1 you just can't go weak in the tail..however...EVH style guitars and you want to keep to his philosophy of having a weaker pickup and use the amp to overdrive for the best tone..I have 3 humbuckers which would all do that job anyway...But there are others that are still undecided..just have to ensure the balance is there IF I use the H/S pickguard..

So for that project:

 3 way switch is on the way, SD in the case..charvel brass volume pot on the tone pot, straight through to the output jack

The MM Body is exactly what I've been looking for to take the SRV signature neck. I'm surprised at the prices they can sell a USA made Swamp ash finished body..but at the same time it's a gloss 3T body which is a poly finish..doesn't really matter , it's the weight imo that makes things work..and of course..a steel block.

Using the single H p/g and thats easy..drop my Gibson Burstbucker #3 into the bridge of the guitar...

As the original tuners in the neck are SRV gold..I've decided to stick to the gold harware route which I feel will work with the pearloid and especially the 3 tone tobacco burst body.
As I don't want to remove the bridge from the M/S EVH style strat, I'm thinking of going a bit more modern with the bridge but keep the steel block as the zinc blocks you usually find in MIJ's make a huge difference to the tone.
After looking around at the options with regards the budget, I reckon this Wilkinson is the best on offer...with stainless string blocks and steel block as well as the whole semi modern look but with the 6 vintage style the price I feel it should fit the project well..
And as always...the charvel style brass volume pot seals the signature single humbucker look.

...and the under the guard I'm going with a seymour duncan Malmsteen speed pot.These frictionless pots are breathe on them and they just slide so smooth! However, I was gonna go with a CTS 300k for the humbucker , but will do with a 250K for the project...highly recommended!

Basically thats your lot if your fortunate enough to have a decent muckle neck lying around...the neck can make or break the project! 12" radius and a signute neck on such a light weight body with some serious pups should make for "potato chip" tone..
Time will tell of course, as the first round with the Minty/white sounded aweful and that has given me some experience on this build..

I was toying with the idea of sticking a Dimarzio super distortion humbucker in the bridge as that would marry up with the SDS-1 in the neck position.

Then the more you look the more you find..The Crunch Labs pickup could also be a good one to stick at the bridge..the only downside imo is that its ceramic magnet and not an alnico V...but good enough for Petrucci....

Time will tell...a table full of parts doesn't equate until it's plugged and played..will be interesting this one...

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