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Friday, January 27, 2012

plans for the 77..

I've found it too hard to consider routing out the 77 hardtail..
The guitar (body, neck and neck plate) all came from the Isle of Wight and it just seems wrong to start cutting her up. This thing weighs in the same as a les paul , the heavier it's got a pretty special sound.
I came across a genuine Fender brass hard tail plate from the 80s which I picked up.I'm not sure if people understand that these parts made by fender were 22 carat gold electroplated and brass makes a wonderful ring to the sound.
There are a few options for this combo.We shall see.
I was happy that several parts dropped through the letterbox today, so the SRV p#3 got its black back cover and gold bridge screws and whitey got a claw and springs kit, so now I'm only waiting for a 3 way switch.Once that arrives I can solder up the DF and SDS-1 and see what the results are from that guitar.

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