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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

so..delighted with the srv neck project which sounds really great and resonates well...I started thinking about the 77 hard-tail but couldn't bring myself to take a scalpel out and route the beast for a bucker...instead, I thought it would be neater and an improvement to look at adding the new H/S pearloid guard to whitey to make her pearly now, and fit in the vintage sds-1 in the neck and retain the tim shaw Gibson dirty fingers in the tail..great combo from the analog days!
I'd completely forgotten that I'd actually fitted a 1 meg pot before to the DF bucker. This usually increases the higher treble frequencies..the idea now is to fit a Malsteen 250k pot to actually darken up the  sound. Although I have to admit, the DF sounded brilliant with the 1 meg pot and of course the Malsteen brass nut that I fitted..
To ensure the SDS-1 fitted in the neck pocket without fixing the routing, I cut back the cover which makes it look the business as well.
Just waiting for a few parts to finish her off and then the solder will be out again.
On the way there is a claw kit complete with springs which is just about all this one needs. At the same time a set of gold bridge screws will be fitted to SRv and the nickel originals moved back to Pearly.

I'm also thinking of making another hole for a tone pot and using a really heavy cap to darken up the sound even more.

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