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Monday, January 30, 2012


Finally the three way switch arrived it was time to get the wiring diagram out, soldering iron and get the Tomte workshop in full swing..
"nickel" is the name of this one..basically down to the fact that I swapped out all the gold parts to nickel...
having soldered up the sds-1 (vintage) to the Shaw era Dirty Fingers to the single pot and three way switch, I stuck some strings on her and....and...disappointment! the neck pickup was W!
hmm..I remembered I'd manage to drop the sds-1 and I'd stuck one of the magnets back on the bottom...could it be that easy that I put it on the wrong way round?
Off came the strings...the neck..the pickguard...out came the pickup and I swapped one of the magnets around on the bottom of the pup..I checked the magnetism and it was suddenly a lot stronger...
Back on with the pickguard..screws..neck..strings..

and...what a sound! great balance between the sds-1 and the DF with a warm sound from the neck pick up. Still experimental by using a 1 meg volume pot and no tone pot..
Since I've purchased this JV body it's been through several changes and from the didn't work...but since then..since the Warmoth pro neck and full size steel block and of course the brass nut..has made this guitar into something special..
The neck is a beautiful top of the line Warmoth pro neck..birdseye maple with a Brazilian rosewood fretboard and jumbo frets with the 9,5 to 12 inch radius..
The JV body started as an 83 3 bolt squire body which I modified to take a four bolt neck and which I routed for a humbucker in the bridge. As the idea was to only have a humbucker in the tail I removed more wood than necessary which gave the guitar a different resonance (a positive surprise).

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