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Friday, December 30, 2011

Engine parts inspecting and a polishing rag..

Went down to the bike today and got some solvol on the frame.By all accounts the person who previously owned the bike put a lot of time and effort into polishing the frame and after a few rounds with the solvol the frame had a mirror finish. So that was fun!

Then I had a look at the box of parts that currently is filled with a genuine and neglected ow01 engine.
everything is in a pretty sorry state but not past the point of no return.
The cases need a cleaning and the major job and decision is to decide to try and rescue the bottom case or replace with a YZF which is the same. The only difference will be of course that the bottom end shells will have to be measured and the correct set purchased.
What has happened is that the previous owner managed to crack the casing by over tightening an engine bolt.There has been an attempt at a repair and the case has been welded.Just requires more work. I'm really tempted to try and rescue the case. However...I do have a spare bottom end from a YZF as well which came with the bike, so common sense would be to just use the bottom case and retain the top case..anyway, more on that later..
Basically the starting point is to clean up all the parts.

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