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Friday, December 16, 2011

x-mas came early..Gibson '56 junior gets back to p90 roots..

removing the humbucker and checking the route

So, the Tom Shorts P90 dogear arrived and off I went, with tools in hand , I removed the poorly applied plastic wood that covered the original route for the original p90. Once I'd taken away the putty I found original screw holes which helped lining up the pup. With the cream cover on , there is a very slight gap, but lets face it, this guitar is a player and thats that.

I managed to get the pup in and solder up and the result is a classic vintage 50's sounding pickup.Before the overwounds started..but once I put her through the silver jubilee Marshall gain, the sound was awesome. The guitar is so light (haven't weighed but is very light) and sounds brilliant.

The tom shorts p90 was a custom wound for a guy in London and when it arrived I noticed it was meant for the neck. Not sure if he has made the pickup slightly weaker, but it still sounds raw vintage.
I always wanted a Gibson with p90s. The Melody maker was the start and ended up with hand made overwound mini humbuckers.
This guitar has a history and this is the next part.Out with a duncan antiquity and in with a handmade scatterwound p90 from Shorts. I was gonna put in a soap bar p90 but the route for humbucker was too big and there would have been a lot more work to pull off, so when I saw the shorts pup on the 'bay, I thought it would keep the guitar with an originality to being the dog she the end of the day, it's a great guitar which has character in both sound and feel..brings a smile everytime I plug in!

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