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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

OW01 :the start of the inspection

Winter hasn't hit sweden yet but the bike has now been moved into a bigger area and I've started the strip down.
Fairly obvious by it's condition that the bike has been in a lock up and just needs a serious looking over and some loving care. I'm not sure, but as far as I'm aware, the engine in the bike is a YZF engine which has the CR flat slides and race pipe of the original boxed racing engine. Big difference here, as the YZF has all the starting gear on the engine which the racing engine has not.

So there are two possibilities here.First of all, retain the bike as it is but do a complete engine out strip down and clean/replace all the necessary parts. Wire up the bike correctly to start off the starter motor ( as opposed to bump start) and basically make the bike road legal with the twin lights but retain the rest of the bike. Would still look the business and be a fairly easy job.

At the same time, do a complete engine rebuild on the full race engine. This should also be a fairly easy job despite the surface rust on some of the parts and the fact that one of the engine casings requires replacing as I have a spare YZF bottom end. That would take care of all the race parts and should produce an engine output as was the original that had Dyno rear wheel figures of 138bhp.

Another question of course would be to fit the original front wheel back on the bike with a speedo drive and keep the Dymags currently fitted for the bike once the full race engine is back in it.

I'm not sure as yet, but the best way forward imo is to strip the bike down to its skeleton and then rebuilt.
Then you know every nut and bolt of the bike.

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