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Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Pickup on the way for the 56

So basically the '56 Gibbo les Paul jr is what you'd term as a player.With it's history, disappearance 30 years ago and then return to it's former owner through a basic mistake..the amount of work gone through the guitar is impressive in my opinion. To take a Jr and turn it into a Special is a lot of work..digging out cavitys for the extra pots and switches, the wiring in the body and all the rest..

But...I just wasn't happy with the fact that a humbucker was routed in the bridge position...It had to be returned to some kind of former self...
Initially I bought a Lundgren p90 soapbar, thinking this would suit the set up and fit. I was therefore disappointed to find that the routing for the humbucker simply wasn't right for a soapbar in the tail..So, the hunt was on..
And here it is..found on ebay and already in London  (so no custom taxes) was a custom built p90 with the required cream colour and dogears setup for the body cavity. Not only that, but a boutique handmade scatterwound job from a guy called Tom Shorts who makes Marc Ford his pickups..and Ford has an awesome sound.
What was also positive was the fact that he doesn't overwound but leaves them as the originals, very much like Sliders pickups I have in the strat and tele, so you get the best sound from both guitar and use the amp to distort...
Hopefully will be here soon...can't wait to fit it out to some old wood!

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