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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

oh what wicked webs we weave ..when we try to deceive..

Got some interesting things going down around me at the moment...
Projects on the way up..
Projects on the way down..
Projects deliberately pulled down..

Why it's interesting is because despite the constant grey mass convincing me of conspiracy theories et al..I also get reminded that most of the times my gut feelings have proven worthy..

And just now I'm bang in the middle of a "closed door" project gutting that is very interesting to say the least as the blast effect may leave ripples of considerable proportions..

Ever had that that feeling that despite wanting to retain integrity you may just have to play such a diplomatic card that goes against everything you really feel..but you have too? Thats my place just now and even at this minute the paranoia switch is on defcon 4.

This of course will mean absolutely nothing to an outside reader..except for the very few..the point is to leave a fingerprint on this wicked web that people have weaved to try and that I have a record to recount..

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