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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The sum of all parts...Character will a Capital C !

..back in the 90's I was in Nashville, Tennessee . I was there for 6 weeks buying up Harley Davidsons for the Scandinavian market..well, my boss was and I was carrying the cash for him..
I'll never forget looking through some small ads in the local paper looking for Hogs locally and coming across an early 70's Gibson Les Paul Custom. On the way back from buying a bike we stopped by the seller of the guitar and 10 minutes later I was the owner..
Upon my return to sweden, things got tough at one point and I sold the guitar..I always regretted selling the Custom..
So, a few years ago I was looking through the 'bay and all of a sudden a stripped Les paul custom came up.Advertised as a 71-75 with neck repair and all offers welcomed, I sent a mail immediately.It was mine..
I wasn't after an investment, just something to replace the mistake I'd made of selling the one back in 93..

The Rock'nRoll chassis arrived and I set to work to find the parts that I thought would really bring this carcass back to life. So, the running gear ended up as 61 tailp, 63 ABR, 50s grovers, 68 pafs and the original fretless wonders were left in place..the electrics were bought from an R9 with bumble bee caps and the plastic was all sourced originals..

The result is a memory surpassed. The weight, the smell, the sound is all's soul was resurrected and many have mentioned it's their favorite of the collection..purely as a player for the sound..

Collectors would probably want to use the guitar for the spare's the sum of all parts that has made this one the way she is..irreplaceable and a genuine relic of days gone by.

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