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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday is play away..

So wednesday is the day I finally have some time from coaching teams or training myself and tonight I'll try and fit the Muzzy exhaust to the Zxr750k. I had to redrill out the rivets I added on the silencer as I managed to not notice the springs didn't fit on the sides but on the top of the silencer..doh!!!
I can't remember if I had to remove the rad to change the exhaust...and I'm not sure if it's a case of putting all the springs on prior to fitment..anyway, I'll soon find know what it's like..your scrambling in the dark to fit that last impossible bolt...
No idea how the packaging in the silencer is gonna have her sounding..but just now the stock silencer is incrediblely quiet ..almost to the point of being dangerous , as cars can't hear you creepin' up behind them..
so , we shall see..hopefully this will be a more similar sound, although running straight air trumpets through the FCR's must be a nightmare to get the jets sorted..

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