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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

39mm pain-no gain!

Just getting used to the rebuilt k1.
You never just "let loose" once you've done a rebuild from the ground up, replacing a frame, welding up a swinging arm and changing the tie rods and rocker in the rear.
The weather has been picking up and now back to being crappy. The front tyre arrived in the post today which is great as the one she currently wears has completely lost its edges across the entire I tend "ride the front" quite hard and enjoy braking real late, it doesn't leave much confidence once your down to nothing on the a new Dunlop 208 RR will be put on tomorrow.
I took her out for some speed runs on monday and I wasn't too happy that the foot-pegs started vibrating around the 180 and into 220. I'll have to have to check the engine mountings are tight.
Reading about these engines and the cam chain gets a mention.Apparently they wear out, so thats the next job then.I did feel it was a bit noisy and also heard the transmission was pretty loud.
The gearboxes selector forks take a kicking due to the tall first and close ratio second to six.

Now the biggest complaint about these bikes are the flatslides. Roller coaster power peaks and dips, open the throttle too wide and the air/fuel ratio bogs you down and your left in a huge flatspot until she coughs up flem and lets you go.You have to really be careful and start understanding once your in the zone to throw her WOT.
As I'm used to bikes being difficult, like Laverdas 180's running open trumpets, or 400/4's running open, the flatslides are a great challenge of point, squirt, but with the precision of a surgeon! Wrists get a great work out despite a hydraulic clutch..
The Gsxr 6 pots are also something to get used too, I'm really surprised by how much feel they have.I reckon its down to the standard master cylinder, so maybe an upgrade on the way...

Next move is to get the Muzzy works silencer repacked, re revitted and hopefully she'll breathe easier!
Also possibly a 4 degree advancer for the ignition.

But lets get that front tyre fitted first so I can get more confidence to throw her around and really test those flatslides!

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