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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scottish funk?

In a Galaxy far far away...
..feels like that anyway, but a while back I listened to a band headed up by Jesse Rae..
The bass playing on the  only album he released was firmly left in the memory banks..
So nowadays with Spotify making every obscurity available at the touch of a key, try giving it a listen.
Fav bass playing on "inside-out" and his voice and music really seems to go a 360 on his stage image..
actually, the man always dresses like this and is currently involved in Scottish politics so at least he dresses with intention!

Back to the music though, Scottish funk, dressed in traditional scottish dress...not something you come across every day.

Just found this on the Tube..from 2011..didn't know he was still performing..he must be about 100 years old..

talking of classic and original acts...

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