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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Muzzy Works fitted and wheezin' n poppin'!

Not forgetting this is the OEM Silencer. You can see yourself how the down-pipes are pretty standard stuff, same diameter the whole length into a rather heavy and clumsy collector box and a silencer that weighs in @ "too much"...

The Verdict?
Well, having only driven the K1 with the stock silencer, I have to say I was getting used to being ever so quiet and being the neighbours best friend.The Stock silencer really kills any race sound what soever and almost strains when your giving the beans..I really don't enjoy hearing the top end louder than the exhaust tone..
So, after the change and once the +2 advancer was fitted, I hit the start button not really knowing what to expect..
Upon start up, the first thing that popped into my head was, "what happened to the silencer packaging"...
Suddenly I'm starting on a grid waiting for the lights to turn green.Total race sound, from the front end to the rear.Revs seemed to raise much easier, probably pipe and's just a raw sound thats hard to explain..I was slightly worried that there would be a lot of blow-by as things seemed a bit too loose..but instead it's just raw...a raw roaring rawk would pretty much summarise...It's balls have just dropped and it's become a man , instead of a geisha gal..even though all my bikes are she' a she-male perhaps?
If you've ever worked with hand-made exhausts with 14 springs and 3 peice headers you'll know how interesting it gets...a spring tool was bought but it ended up useless of course and I was left with a trick of pulling springs from an old Norton tuning book from the 40's..worked a treat.
I put away 5 hours to do the job from start to finish and it ended on not too bad when you consider the pitfalls..due to one of the headers hitting the cooler fan bolt I had to adjust plastic once I put the fairing back on...
Buts it's on and of course tomorrow is sunday and , well..."On any Sunday"...

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