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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adjustable Wrap-arounds

Once I recieved the Gremlin Mountain Queen neck pickup I soldered it in, only to discover that once again I'd been sent a bad 'un. I contacted Mike and he replied immediatly with the news that he would send another and that I had been unfortunate. The neck pup wasn't dead, but the sound was very thin and my original mini humbucker was a lot better.So, fingers crossed the replacement is better.

So now that I'm developing the 61 Melody Maker, it's time to maybe look at upgrading the wrap around tail peice. To be honest I haven't check the intonation but by all accounts with an original it'll be off..maybe better off though..didn't really worry people back in the day and their sound was acceptable..
She's turning into a really great sounding guitar despite the thinness of the body of these old can't beat old wood!

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