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Friday, June 10, 2011

Muzzy AMA Supersport works exhaust

One night I noticed a guy in California was selling a full Muzzy exhaust system which he noted in the ad had apparently adorned Scott Russells AMA Supersport ZX7R..okay; i know what your thinking...they all did...
Anyway, 3 days later and it was mine. And when it arrived it's fairly obvious this is indeed a hand made exhaust.No idea if it did adorn a works Muzzy bike, but the amount of work in every section of the pipes, the plenums and belling of the sections and quality of the welding..held together with a bunch of springs..has me wondering..this is no ordinary standard pipe imo..

The ad also added the silencer packing would need changed..and the ends of the silencer had had the rivets removed.The packing was layered and extremely tight and wired to the baffle..thats the best way to ensure nothing gets baffled and the gases just head straight out! Loud pipe in other words...
The amount glass fibre and wire (all done by hand) was impressive and it took a fair amount of work to clip and unwind the wire and finally remove the baffle from the skin scratching packing.

Out with the old , and wrap up with the new..loose, so it's not as loud as a full race pipe.

Then I just got happy snappy once the pipe was put back together and the down pipes were slotted into the collector, awaiting springs..the headers go into a separate plug that goes into the head and attach by I said before..the workmanship per pipe section is exceptional and the pics just don't give it justice!

The weight of the entire exhaust is less than the stock silencer...

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