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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Edinburgh Blues Night live back in the day...

Back when I was a teenager I lived in central Edinburgh and every weekend we used to collect all the spirits we could find and pour them into a large cooking pot, we then passed round a small snaps glass and tasted the was usually always ruined by something resembling coconut or even worst, cheap all went in, and just like the magic potion in Asterix we all became invincible before heading into Edinburghs pub districts to listen to the blues...Blues N trouble were always the best band to catch, as The Preservation hall would be sold out and even standing areas included the tables..
It all changed with the advent of pissed off neighbours which ensured that decibel limiters were fixed above the stages around the pubs..the death of live music as we knew it..things would never be the same again and it was like watching the extinction of the Buffalo...

Once I'd moved to Sweden in the late eighties, early ninties, The BnT's played a gig at the local blues bar in Uppsala..I met up with them and we all got trashed on a free bar and some skin ups..good times and a fantastic band!

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