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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

driftin' n kicking...

been a strange week...then just as you think things can get stranger you click onto "kungskapskanal" and read subs for an hour about people who fought for the vietcong against the USA...makes you think...these people fought for their land and beliefs...nice old woman just explaining how they used to set the mines to click off when flowers were picked, as the Americans like to pick the nice flowers...certainly weren't stupid anyway..Charlie that is..
300 times more bombs were dropped by the B-52s et al than all the bombs in WWII. Napalm and your average 3 tonner..and for what?
Whats is slightly worrying, is that World Police USA are still playing catchup and trying to win a war...well, I suppose they did the job at desert storm, but at the same time all the serious shit like laying the lazer targets was done by the SAS and all the low fly bombing by the RAF..The US marines probably still playing baseball in a desert swamp somewhere waiting for a ration of ciggs and bud lite...

Anyway, yes..what was I rambling sister tomorrow collects a medal from Her Royal Highness the Queen after doing 3 tours of Duty in Afghan territory...I was meant to head over but due to complications couldn't make it, which is sad but we seem to have serious issues at home with kidneys.

So far this week I'm considering a contract with a local football team that have their club just down the road which hopefully become a local Marshall stack home..

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