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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

lynyrd skynyrd live at freedom hall

As I was listening to Blackberry Smoke to see if it was a band I would enjoy, I came across the fact that the remnants of the Skynyrd had released a live record from 2007 which still had some of the older members playing for them prior to their deaths in 2009.
Now, we all know that basically only Rossington is the only member left from those original members who have gone through the death toll, however, I'm still a huge fan of Ricky Medlocke who moved from Blackfoot to the legendary band, and to have Rossington and Medlocke together is just a bonus.
Almost a tribute band but still with the rights to cover the originals and come over as being the original band imo, this live recording is a must for any fan, specially if you like the fact that the sound recording is up there and your tired, as I am, of listening to the older recordings from the originals.
Great songs, great musicians and probably the most important band to come out of the Southern states.

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