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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thats another fine weekend over...

...or maybe not...
Sports wise its been an up and down affair..
Friday evening and the team I assist in football lose 4-3 at the death of the game and the shit hits the fan as its does..that after a trip to the hospital in the morning as de birds kidneys decided to get inflamed..
saturday I was meant to be on a bus to Hammarby via Norrköping but I decided to stay with the missus to show support as the wee lassie wasn't well and really didn't need to be alone..
The team I coach won 84 nil and the mens team that I'm hoping to see get through a bad period fell with the same amount..So, its not happy days at all..

Otherwise the sun has been out and its been Green day playing at Ullevi which I managed to miss but heard through the living room window. As usual the reviews were very good for what is in effect, a band who listened to a lot of Stiff Little Fingers and rereleased the same chords with some eye make up..SLF would never have worn eye shadow for fear of a flying half niddrie..

And then the evenings have still been minutes and hours of sheer amazement at the R9 which is just an amazing instrument, plugged in or not..BUT..when it gets plugged into a Marshall and you click the footswitch for gain...words cannot explain..sheer poetry in motion...cliche indeed...Gibson and Marshall, perfect harmony..and you don't need to be a master of the stringed beast to enjoy power chords.. amazing..

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