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Monday, June 28, 2010

Best Bootleg but at the same time worst cover award?

So much music out there you can't ever really have just one type, but you can have an extreme fondness of one type, and despite sometimes forgetting now and again It always switches back to the day when I listen to any Southern Rock. Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot or Georgia Satellites, doesn't matter, they're all magic.
Maybe its down to the fact that they never really got into the Floyd Rose but preffered old school and as many guitars they could manage on the stage!
Then of course they had they're southern chord patterns to rely on and play over the top, have a craic and just look at the tab of Molly Hatchets "Gator County" , 3 guitars all playing different harmonies...
"Astral Game" is a very rare bootleg released a while ago and it took me 20 years to actually find..but trust me, its fucking immense!!!! Still will never understand the front cover...think it was burned up in Italy, maybe thats why...a Chewbakka chasing two sci-fi people aint really a good representation of Molly Hatchet live at the Lakeland with Jimmy farrer leading what is believed to be one of their best live recordings ever...

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