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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Majorna Republik....

I have the greatest of pleasure of heading through Hell ditch, aka majorna, on the way to Klippan everyday to work.Sometimes the stench of piss is engulfing as the crowd of "Faktums" celebrate the opening of their holy Vodka church, aka systembolaget.I would wager a bottle of heineken that not even the great drink can  refresh those parts that they keep dirty and that they never feed the dogs which entails them to a greater allowance of money for more...well, obviously not heineken..
I know people who claim that Majorna represents "Goa Göttaborgggg"...well, may God help us and shave us....
yesterday as I was making my way through the mine field of used needles and empty bottles, I suddenly stopped to see the following which did actually have me laughing out loud in the middle of the trenches...obviously humour is still persistent in the så kallad "Majorna republik"..

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