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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tokai neck heel and body

I picked up a rather nice Tokai breezysound 80's telecaster neck that had been mucked around with, which is to say it had Tokai removed and a Fender decal added, as well as some extra holes drilled in the heel with older holes filled in. The seller had also apparently nitio'd the neck which is nicely worn, chunky and has an awesome veneer rosewood fingerboard.

First time I tried to fit the neck though I discovered the new holes that had been drilled would not line up with the vintage USA body. rather annoying as you can, i drilled out the crap that had been used to fill in the original holes and they fitted more or less.. I say more or less because, as you can see by the photographs, there is a slight gap between the pickguard/body and the neck. I looked at a Tokai body and noticed they have a slightly different design in the heel, which has the same edges as late seventies fender, but also a kinda crown that sticks out at the same point the truss bar would be. So i guess that is why the neck doesn't fit flush with the body. 

or maybe it's something else...She works anyway and sounds amazing!


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