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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

on the cards...

whilst looking around in my bag of goodies, I came across this bunch of graph tech Ghost acoustic was ripped out of another guitar..
So...I'm thinking of sticking it in the Strele. The natural body in the pick. I'll not bother with a bridge magnetic pickup, but use the space as a host for the board and such like.
The rosewood neck is currently on the natural tele body. The neck pup is a rio grande that was banging about. Could be interesting with an acoustic bridge and mag neck pup. It's all a bit of a mix and match, genuine junkyard effort, but could be fun .

So, had a quick look at what was in working order and what wasn't.
So the idea is to have an acoustic set-up in the bridge and mag neck pup.
I reckon I'll be able to fit everything...

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