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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

decision made...

So, as already reported I've sent off the hand-made pickguard to the experts across the pond who mostly deal with selling G&L pickguards as well as every other model of guard.

It's gonna be a one-off. So, I went through what I wanted. First of all it would be a stock strat set-up with three singles, three pots and a switch...

Then I remembered just how much I enjoyed playing this guitar with only the single humbucker in the tail (which is out of a Greco lawsuit 1978 ).

So, whats coming back is a 4 ply tortoise shell pickguard with one space for a single humbucker and 1 hole for a volume pot and 1 hole for the output jack. Clean lines and no fuss and of course it will keep sound that I like it for. I reckon the tortoise shell will work with the battered candy apple.

can't be worst that what she came wearing...

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