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Monday, February 2, 2015

No idea where the time went.

Basically rugby and training used to absorb every minute of the day. But since the injuries incurred through stupidity and due to the inevitability of getting older, this has had to change. Nowadays it’s taking care of a PRE horse that takes over the minutes spent in a gym. The rugby is still very much on the cards and after the successes and failures of 2014, its going to be another eventful 2015 and possibly the last in the game.

When dealing with big fish in a small pond as opposed to being a small fish in a big pond, your always relying on the fact that the big fish are decent and honest people who are competent to ensure the small pond is kept in decent shape and that the strategy is to one day ensure the pond gets bigger. When this doesn’t happen for 25 years you kinda get worn down by watching the YES men and woman gaining a position to ensure that not only will nothing change, but that the water is gonna get more murky. So 2015 could be the last effort .

Meanwhile, the other time absorbers are still very much on the go despite the lack of updates on the blog.

The Ducati 748 is the current hack, and despite and stolen/recovered episode is still working okay. It’s due it’s 40,000km service now which is slightly worrying as the cost are prohibitive…

The OW01 is complete and is just waiting for more love and attention. There are a few things to do, but she starts up and starts car alarms .

The kawasaki zxrr is still in the kitchen.

As we’re currently in the middle of a snow storm in Sweden, it’s obviously been the time to take a look at the guitar horde and see if anything can be improved, changed or rebuilt . There have been some new projects on the go which I’ve been pleased with the outcome.

Here are some photographs of some old, some new, some changed. Currently 4 guitars are in rebuild status , with pickguards on the way, with telecasters set up for firebird pickups , esquire wiring on 3 lb telecaster bodies…schecter custom shop necks..bodys …just tons of fun and tone.







So basically to'll notice some necks got swapped around...usually for a technical reason more than anything else. The schecter custom shop didn't seem to like one of the bodies due tot he pitch angle , but once changed to another body didn't have the issue.
Currently in the shop (the kitchen table) is the Nashville , which started life out as a std. tele back in 69 or 72, which has been hacked, skimmed and left for dead. I was planning on using a neck that I picked up cheap , but then discovered it was 53 mm NEXT. deserved a lot better! So it's getting the following neck which looks amazing!

I want to use the Nashville pickguard and found some quite rare blade pickups at the bottom of a trunk, so stuck them in. Not sure if I will use them or not. Also have a tele bridge on the way which is made to carry a Firebird pickup. Initially that was the I have a couple of Gemini scatterwound Mountain Queen firebird pickups that have been removed from the 61 melody maker Gibson...but I'm now considering using both in the black "mr horsepower" telecaster which has the Tokai neck adorning a fender decal.. think that would sound pretty awesome. The Tokai neck is chunky and back from 1980's era. So I reckon I'll still the firebird mountain queens in 69 telecaster body and see how that looks and sounds.
The esquire looking guitar has some original oil-in-paper caps and treble bleed wired into the system and has an amazing scatterwound custom shop pickup in the bridge. The body came as a 3 lbs 3oz nitro relic and the neck is an original '78 telecaster maple neck. Really like this project. sounds the business. So, now it's simply a question of whether I should pair up the bridge with it's brother in the neck, or simply finish her with an esquire pickguard or, leave her alone as she currently looks like the telecaster that Billy Gibbons had..
The G&L has a story on it's own. I finally decided enough was enough with the hatchet job done on the body and the pickguard, so now I've sent off the homemade guard that came on her and that will be replaced with a professional pickguard in 4 ply tortoise shell with an S/S/S configuration and std. pots and switch setup.
So anyway, lots to be getting on with. I've also got the Gibsons to look at . More on them later...
The Heritage still acts and looks the business though
with double 9V batteries and a bunch a gear it's still sounding awesome! CMV140 with a bite!
So, hopefully the pix will give an idea of whats happening.I'll be uploading a bit more often .


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