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Friday, February 6, 2015

Mountain Queen tele

So, here's another project going on.

I've been informed that the body started out as a 72 tele body. initially the tele was black.
My question was...
..why is it so thin...and did you realise its a 5 piece body?
reply was: had it thinned...repainted it....

One thing is for sure, it's defo old wood. but it's been hacked around...a drill bit decided to make it into a Nashville and and one point an attempt was made and then attempted to cover up a humbucker in the bridge.

As the info came from a pretty credible source, I'm not gonna make any decision on it. More importantly, it was time to make something a bit different and a bit special out of a body that's obviously got a story to sing.

As I had a few Gemini firebird style pickups sitting around, I decided these would be the best bet for this body as opposed to going to a full size humbucker in the bridge. There is a bloke who sells stainless tele bridges for different configs so that went on order.

Fitted, the plate is ever so slightly too wide to fit into a standard width pickguard, so that's the next headache. haven't decided 100% if I'm gonna fit a neck pickup or if I'll go with an Esquire setup..
If you've been in the same position, you'll understand the types of questions that race through the grey matter...I've ordered a mint green pickguard for a firebird format in the neck..but not sure that will work with the red of the body...the positive was the cheap cost of the pickguard which will mean I can modify the pickguard without getting heaving on the bridge...

Necks on the way. keen to see how this one develops..

Looking around the web, there are some pretty interesting guitars knocked together.
I wonder how Steve Morse telecaster looked before he fitted all the pups..



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