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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Heritage H140 CMV

...talking of Gibson...
...I still reckon Heritage guitars are still one of the most underrated on the planet.
It's quite strange how the market works....I guess it's the same with MIJ guitars...everybody knows that in some era's they burn Made in USA guitars but still they fight to get a decent price. There are of course some exceptions to the rule. 

I bought this Heritage as a project a few years ago. I've no idea how it ended up leaving the factory without being completely finished...and it doesn't carry a 2nds serial..I suppose it simply wasn't wanted..

The H140 CMV are quite a rarity. there aren't that many photographs of them around. As the body came completely empty and without even the nut cut, I decided to make it my EMG guitar. So, Zakk EMG kit was fitted and to use the pre-drilled holes that would have been initially set up for the CMV, I fitted an Kerry King boost overdrive switch and an out of phase switch. One of the switches is a dummy. To assist with the adjustable boost overdrive switch, I spliced together double 9V batteries as apparently the booster switches drain ´the Volts. I've no idea, read that on a Forum somewhere, so thought I'd fit it up.

TonePros lockable tail parts.

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